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Melle Michèle MARTIN from CANNES LA BOCCA- wrote on 19. July 2017 at 12:56:
Bonjour, johnny,
J'aimerais tellement vous rencontrer;amicalement
biensur. Je voudrais vous poser une , pourquoi
vous ne donnez pas de concert en FRANCE, à CANNES.
Merçi de me répondre. Michèle MARTIN
Maya from Vejen wrote on 14. July 2017 at 23:33:
Dear Johnny. My mum is going through some tough times, diagnosed with cancer in 2008, getting a kidney from a beloved stranger (donor) last year and now, when she´s turning 60 on july 21st, it will be my dads first chemotherapy...he had cancer back in the 80´s too, and she stood by him all the he stood by her. They´ve been "going steady" since 1972... married since 1981, and.. yeah, times have always been rough... .

... so I´m usually not a beggar, but could you find it in your heart to send an autograph for her, since she is a huge fan of you and your music? I would love to surprise her with a doodle from your hand... Her name is Rita. I don´t know how to make contact in any other way but through here... so if you, or someone from your staff will please write me at if it is possible in any way?

Thank you, if not, then just for reading this.
Angelika und Helmut Großer from Hamburg wrote on 11. July 2017 at 20:11:
Hallo Johnny,
wir waren am 09.07. in Mariehaven und waren von deinem Auftritt sehr angetan. Wir waren wohl die einzigen deutschen Fans an dem Tag und leider hatten wir nach dem Konzert keine Zeit mehr gehabt, um uns weiter mit Dir zu unterhalten. Sehr, sehr schade! Du bist ein grandioser Sänger und ein sehr symphatischer, offener und charismatischer Mensch. Wir hatten Gänsehaut-Feeling und haben uns gleich deine neue CD gekauft, die wir auf der Rückfahrt nach Hamburg gleich gehört haben. Wir waren begeistert und hoffen, dass Du bald ein Konzert in Hamburg gibst, dann brauchen wir nicht so weit zu fahren :). Wir sind deine "größten" Fans (seit 1980)
Angelika und Helmut Großer

P.S.: Danke noch einmal für das Foto!
Betty Kielty from Dublin wrote on 5. July 2017 at 1:09:
I just watched your documentary on rte. I have great respect for you I realise now that it was shyness that made you the person you were on stage and it must have been difficult to perform Fair play to you and congratulations on your successful singing career I remember your dad he was a good singer too but you tower over him
Me again from Elverum /Stena saga wrote on 3. July 2017 at 22:15:
My friend and I are having sone obstacles getting permission to 1 change the hospital schedule and 2 for her to get someone to cover up for her at work. I really a billion percent wanna go to Halden, so we're doing everything that's in our ability to be able to come. She wants me to have a great time (I almost wrote "with you" which would've been so wrong. Lol.) with you on stage.
Looking forward to see how your hosting skills are. I will do anything to get there. Almost anything.
I'll keep an update.
Blessed be xoxo
Kristin from Norway from Stena Saga wrote on 1. July 2017 at 0:47:
I have a new favorite song. You're mine, you're my favorite waste of time.
But here's the bad news for me but the good news for you. I can't come to Halden 9th of August. I am going to hospital for a new medical treatment. Hope I'll meet you again some day. You're the new crush in my heart.
Blessed Be Sexy xoxo
Rita Erntsen from Bergen, Norway wrote on 29. June 2017 at 22:47:
Mr.Logan, love your music! Are you coming to Norway to do a whole show? Please say you will 😉
Love, Rita xx
Kristin from Elverum wrote on 27. June 2017 at 23:54:
Hello sunshine.
I've booked to Halden. An assistant has said yes to follow me. Hope to meet you again xoxo
Just really hope those who arrange it will give me and my wheelchair a great place to look at you and listen to all those harmonic and intim and acoustic songs of yours. I will bring you the pictures from the Which Witch Days.. If you take time.
Lots of love from Norway 🇳🇴
Stena Saga Oslo/Denmark 🇩🇰
Marita Norrbacka jansson from Grängesberg wrote on 25. June 2017 at 15:20:
Wonderfully! You have found to Norway, the 9/8-2017, amazing! I have already booked both hotels and tickets! Looking forward to seeing and listening to you! Have many miles to go from here Sweden, but It is What it is, right? Love your music ... Marita
Marita Norrbacka jansson from Grängesberg wrote on 23. June 2017 at 15:03:
The stars, the sun, the moon, the trees, the ground, me and the whole universe here in Sweden miss you! Marita
Mieke Pozzolo from Zwevezele wrote on 19. June 2017 at 18:10:
Dear Sean, yesterday we arrived home safely . It was a amazing concert and we realy enjoyed every minute of it. It was the first time that I heared the new songs live and they are wonderfull!!! I hope your ear is getting better now. I'm looking forward to see you at Egtved. Love mieke XXX.💘
Elisa from Karup, Denmark wrote on 12. June 2017 at 10:14:
I'm from Denmark, and I just want to say that i'm so existed to see you to "Karup å marked" again this year. My family where there last year, and I want to say big thanks for the picture I took of you and my dad. Thanks for you took the time for that, the "old" man was extremely happy and very proud of the picture and the hug 🙂

With Love,
The starstruck daughter of an existed dad
Ann Kristin Titti Dahl from Stena Saga wrote on 8. June 2017 at 8:57:
Hello 🌞

I wanna send you a very big thank you for an absolutely amazing concert on Stena Saga on Tuesday.
It was a blast. I feel it today and probably a few more days. You are true entertainer with a beautiful voice.
Thank you one more time xoxo
Lots of love
The woman in wheelchair from Norway 🇳🇴
Lise K. Almvik from Tomter wrote on 6. June 2017 at 12:02:
It was very fun to see and hear you at Norwegian television to day! I ordered the new cd at once. One for my and one for a friend. Thank you soo much 🙂
P. J. from Ireland wrote on 1. June 2017 at 23:16:
Hi Johnny, hope you are well.

I was very impressed with you on a tv programme on RTE last December, the way you had turned things around.

You inspired me and I wish to thank you. I'm now nearly 6 months free of alcohol and my life has changed. Your story resonated with me and had a profound effect.

Thank you sincerely for sharing your story, I would not be where I am only for you, God bless you...


Gunter Schulte from Althengstett wrote on 14. May 2017 at 16:22:
Hello Sean,
I was the driver of your band from the airport Stuttgart to Schwäbisch Hall and next day to Frankfurt. Thanks for all your good songs and your music! It was a pleasure to drive you very friendly band. I hope we will see us again!
Best regards,
Brigitte from Vienna wrote on 14. May 2017 at 10:06:

Wishing you the very best to your birthday, and hope you enjoyed your phantastic birthday cake!
Your new CD is absolute brilliant, super - the best ever! I am sad, as I think, I don't have the chance to see you with your new program in Vienna 🙁
With love, from Brigitte/Viena 🙂 🙂
Helen from Munich wrote on 13. May 2017 at 22:45:
Happy Birthday, many happy returns & keep up the good work. Sitting here glued to the telly watching the Eurovision. You were great on the Late Late show.. Love & hugs from all the gang in Munich. X
Cathrin Rehder from Hamburg wrote on 13. May 2017 at 22:20:
Dear Johnny,
I wish you all the best for your birthday.
May each of the 365 days on which you will be 63 be a good one and bring you joy.
It was lovely to see you and your band in my hometown in Hamburg at the harbour birthday - in bright sunshine.
Take good care of yourself, yours Cathrin
Karina from Norderstedt wrote on 13. May 2017 at 22:01:
Hi Johnny! Happy Birthday.
I wish you all the best and hope you have a nice day today.
I just hear your new CD. You can be proud of it! The big ballads with goose bumps as well as pop, jazz and rock to take off.
Just great ! I love your music.
Great hug 😘
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