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Marita Norrbacka jansson from Graengesberg wrote on 20. January 2018 at 20:27:
Sitting and listening to you and #I Will always love you "Yes, it's! Hope you're here in Sweden again. I, the stars, the ground I'm going on, the air I breathe, miss you!
Christina from Århus wrote on 15. January 2018 at 20:05:
Found this poem by an unknown author, and thought of you and your family.
Love and support always

Feel no guilt in laughter,
He knows how much you care.
Feel no sorrow in a smile
That he’s not here to share.

You cannot grieve forever,
He would not want you to.
He’d hope that you would carry on
The way you always do.

So talk about the good times
And the ways you showed you cared.
The days you spent together,
All the happiness you shared.

Let the memories surround you,
A word someone may say
Will suddenly recapture
A time, an hour, a day.

That brings him back as clearly
As though he were still here,
And fills you with the feelings
That he is always near.

For if you keep those memories
You will never be apart
And he will live forever
Locked safe within your heart.
Mike from Berlin wrote on 11. January 2018 at 4:08:
Johnny is the best ... realy, but i am tired because he give in 2018 only in denmark concert ... Then I have to wait he come to germany ... sometime ... I am waiting.
Germany loves you very very much ... 🙂 Why are you not coming ???
Cathrin Rehder from Hamburg wrote on 7. January 2018 at 20:39:
Dear Sean,
A very happy New Year 2018 to you and your family. I hope it will have in store for you joy and the fulfilment of many small wishes and also one or two big ones. Your duet with Bonnie Tyler was quite a lovely start into the new year. I send you a little bit of my own guidance motto for 2018:
"Life is a succession of moments;
to live each one is to succeed !"
Take good care of yourself,
love from Cathrin
Peter veeckmans from Tienen -Hoegaarden wrote on 7. January 2018 at 19:43:
Dear Mr sean Johnny
Thx for your concert this weekend in Tienen
It was great
I was your private driver
Peter veeckmans
Mary from London wrote on 6. January 2018 at 21:05:
Johnny is the BEST!!! <3 <3 <3
Lisa from Dundalk wrote on 1. January 2018 at 18:39:
Hi Sean Johnny
Just a quick note to wish you a very happy and successful new year for 2018. Got my tickets for vicar street before Christmas, I'll be in the second row and cannot wait to see you again.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses.
Forever a big fan.
Jennifer from Bonn wrote on 1. January 2018 at 14:06:
Dear Sean,
since I was a young girl I liked your music.
Now I grew up and I love your music!
You and your music keep me up dreaming.Please never stop making music!
For 2018 I wish you all the best and I hope you will give concerts in Germany, too.
Petra Werner from Berlin wrote on 1. January 2018 at 12:39:
My dear Sean ,I hope that your new year would be enjoyeble. Wishing you a very happy new year. God bless you all time .Hugs and xxxxx yours Petra
Mary Kearns from New town mount Kennedy, co Wicklow. Ireland wrote on 29. December 2017 at 16:59:
Hi Sean just want to wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful new year. Got my tickets for your gig in vicar street next September. My sister, her husband, my friend and myself be up on balcony enjoying every minute pg. Can't wait. Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxx
Carina from Sverige wrote on 28. December 2017 at 22:45:
Hi Sean! Just want to write and wish you a Happy New Year. Hope you had a nice Christmas with your family and loved ones.I have done the big surgery in my stomach but will be back at the hospital for a minor surgery at the beginning of the year, then I hope I get the chance to go to a concert again .... really looking forward to it and longing to finally hear the new songs live. Take care of yourself.
Shine On My Friend Hug Carina 😍
Noreena langdon from Galway wrote on 28. December 2017 at 21:31:
Hi johnny hope you had a great Xmas and have a great new year noreena
Michèle MARTIN from CANNES LA BOCCA wrote on 26. December 2017 at 20:48:
Bonsoir, Johnny,
Je vous souhaite, un trés joyeux Noel. Ainsi qu'a vos musiçiens aux choristes, sans oublier, votre famille.
Trés trés bonnnes fètes du jour de l'an.

Amicalement: michèle MARTIN.
Mieke Pozzolo from Zwevezele wrote on 25. December 2017 at 14:37:
Dear Sean , thank you for the amazing concertweekend in Belgium. I really enjoyed the chat after the concert with you and Jack. I hope to see you in Tienen on the 6 Januari. Enjoy Christmas and New Year. Love Mieke XXX🍀😘
Dorte from Tjele wrote on 23. December 2017 at 16:22:
Nollaig Shona to you and your fam...hope you'll have a peaceful christmas despite the time of sadness..he will always live in your heart.. see you in 2018..
Much Love Geronimo
Go deo agus in aghaidh an lae 💟
Nancy Bassez from Landegem/Belgium wrote on 23. December 2017 at 14:53:
Thank you so much for your performance in Ostend yesterday. It was great, wonderful, fantastic. What a voice! Big hug from Nancy
Gusta Melsen from Almelo wrote on 22. December 2017 at 19:23:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or Nollaig Shona duit. I hope 2018 will bring you health, lots of music and a trip to the Netherlands.
It`s been too long ago. Almost 5 years I have spoken you.

Once again, nice days, lots of love and a big hug.
Christel Van Buylen from Hasselt, Belgium wrote on 19. December 2017 at 22:24:
Dear Johnny, I have been a huge fan ever since your first Eurovisionwinning. I was only 16 at that time, but I can remember going to Hasselt on the Monday afterwards with my mum and buying your single in Govaerts Record Shop. I still have that record and many more followed. I admire your strenght, you life hasn't been the easiest and when I was at your concert last Friday at the Heilig Hart Kruis Church in Hasselt, you looked so strong and selfconfident singing Halelujah for your younger brother. I want to express my deepest condoleances with the passing away of your brother and being on stage so soon after his death must not have been easy. But we enjoyed your (silly) jokes , your voice , your personality an it has been one the most fantastic evenings of 2017 for me. Life also hasn't treated me fair but I too always find the strength somehow to pick up the pieces and move on, you show me the way. Ever since that first time I saw you on television, it has always been a dream to meet yoy in person and that wish became reality last Friday. I'm a friend of Claire and will be forever jealous of her because you danced with her instead of me, haha. So next time you're in Hasselt, remember to save a dance for me too. I wish you happy holidays and a fantastic 2018 full of music and good times. I really hope you come back for a concert in our neighbourhoud next year.
Mary Kearns from New town mount Kennedy, co Wicklow. Ireland wrote on 18. December 2017 at 22:03:
Hi Sean, would just like to wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas. Hope 2018 is a great year for you. Hope you will be home in Ireland again soon so I can come and see you play . lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Silvia from Hilden wrote on 18. December 2017 at 18:50:
Sure you are a brilliant musician uns sonfwriter and in my opinion, one of the greatest voices of our time, but the real difference ist your charisma. The way you perform let the audience feel your emotions and this is raelly great and simply unique. So thank you for that und please go on! Merry christmas to you and your family.
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