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Niall OGorman from Zurich wrote on 24. February 2017 at 22:53:
Hi Johnny, we just met briefly at Schipol in KLM lounge. You're on your way to Copenhagen. My missus is sceptical, so please do me the favour of making her enjoy a lovely slice of humble pie by simply confirming that we did indeed say hello this evening. Thank you in advance cheers Niall
Sheila O'Brien from Glasnevin wrote on 24. February 2017 at 0:57:
Hi Johnny
hope everything is going just tremendously well for you and your lovely family. Many years ago I saw you as the woodcutter in a Dublin pantomime and was going on about how gorgeous you were to my fellow student nurse Una May who as it turned out to be your future sister in law. I remember how she giggled at my very effusive praise of your voice, your curls - to be honest, your everything!!!!!!! We were in the nurses home off duty at the time Well, on the spot she asked me if I, newyly-engaged, would like to have you sing at my wedding. Would I wha????/
Suffice to say that you duly not only arrived at the church for my wedding but also you turned up for the rehearsals to sing in your BEAUTIFUL voice just EVERY song that myself and my then fiance asked you for. I still treasure our tape recording of you singing "The first time ever I saw your face" as grainy as it is , it can't mar your beautiful, beautiful voice. How often have I thought - well, how lucky were we>???? I still have the photos of you in your blue suit and perfect white shirt, the golden curls and boyish grins. Johnny, a lot of water has gone under the bridge for us and I'm sure for you . But let me tell you, we NEVER forget you, your unparalleled performance on the day and your total graciousness to us on our special day.
My husband celebrates his 50th birthday 24th June in Wexford, Greenacres Restaurant from seven pm. He has proved above and beyond anything I could have dreamed of in a husband and father and i often think of your song "Why Me" in relation to myself and just how lucky I have been with my darling husband and three beautiful children- I have to tell you that I believe having you singing at our wedding in Donnycarney all those years ago was a real omen and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You create the songs, you sing them as no other could and your resilience to life's challenges inspires us to be better every single day, God bless you and yours always sweetheart.
Ursula Wagner from Vienna wrote on 22. February 2017 at 7:57:
Hello! I have Tickets for the 26th of November for the Wiener Stadthalle. Now I read that you have a Gig in Norway ... is that right? I

Mary from New town.co Wicklow Ireland wrote on 8. February 2017 at 22:21:
Sean lovely to meet you at vicar street. Its been to long since you played in Ireland. Documentary about you on rte was fab. Hope you will play here again soon. Lol
Mary from Newtown wrote on 7. February 2017 at 23:09:
Hi Sean loved your documentary on rte. Lovely to meet you at vicar st as have been a fan of yours for 37 years. Look forward to seeing you soon again ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ
Vivian from Hamburg wrote on 7. February 2017 at 22:48:
Ich finde dich und deine Musik klasse. Kannst du bitte รถfters in Deutschland auftreten. Ich finde das dich dein Bart รคlter aussehen lรคsst. Am besten stehen dir kurze Haare und ohne Bart. Bitte nicht persรถnlich nehmen ich mag dich trotzdem so wie du bist ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜
Sylvia from Hamburg wrote on 6. February 2017 at 23:54:
Dear Johnny,
I am looking forward to see you again in Oslo on 18 February 2017.
It is great that you will celebrate Wenche Myhres birthday with her on stage at the Oslo Spektrum.
(In your appointment list, the 22nd February is called - but then the party is over!).
So long, kind regards Sylvia
Mardi from Clonmel tipperary Ireland wrote on 3. February 2017 at 18:57:
Hi johnny- it's my friends hen this weekend and she is your biggest fan n always bursts out your songs at any given opportunity its really! Anyway it's her hen weekend and I know a personal message would make her weekend! Her name is cat she's marrying Dan and she's from clonmel! Please please do your best!! My email is mardioconnell@gmail.com Please please do your very best x
Nadine from Vechta wrote on 3. February 2017 at 12:59:
Dear Johnny,
I saw some pictures and videos of you recently and I think you should shave your beard and cut your hair. It would look so much better. Honestly you look a bit old with the long hair and the beard.
And i think me and some other people would be really happy if you would visit germany sometimes, as i saw there is only one performance here? we would like to see you live in germany more often. would be great. lots of love, nadine ๐Ÿ™‚
Carolyn Fisher from Brisbane wrote on 3. February 2017 at 11:49:
Hi Johnny, just wanted to let you know that a line dance named "Hold Me Now" has been choreographed to your brilliant song of the same name. It is a lovely dance and with your beautiful romantic song, it is a joy to dance it. I have been checking your performances/songs on YouTube and am really impressed with them. I see that you do concerts in Europe - it would be fabulous if you could come to Australia. Anyway all the best from Down Under. Carolyn
Anne from Dundalk, County Louth, Republic of Ireland wrote on 25. January 2017 at 1:17:
Hi Johnny

That was a great documentary that RTE showed about your musical life story and your ups and downs on the road to success.. And what a surprise for me to see myself in it too in the first couple of minutes of the show!!!!. Fame at last!!! .... But seriously, I thought it was testament to your great talent to see well known faces like Bill Whelan and Ryan Tubridy among others, pay tribute to you.. Alot of people I know saw this documentary and found it very interesting and I really hope it will help you to secure more gigs on the home turf as we definitely need to see more of you here. It's along time to wait until September in Vicar Street....but I'll be there and it'll be worth it.
Sue j from Dublin wrote on 21. January 2017 at 21:09:
Hey JL, Saw you in Kildare Village today in the Armani shop and didn't want to disturb you to say Hi and now I'm so disappointed I didn't say Hi... I grew up watching Eurovision on TV and was always so proud of you when you represented Ireland and in lots of cases won... well done and very best of luck in the future..! Ps. You looked very cool today!!
Brigitte from Helsinge/denmark wrote on 6. January 2017 at 11:27:
My husband Jan and me have been to several of your concerts and enjoy your amazing music.
Unfortunately, my husband died of cancer on 22/12/16, only 53 years old, but i want you to know that we played "hold me now" to his funeral. I know that the song is not meant for this, but for me it made sense and it will always mean a lot to me. My husband and I have had several quiet dance to just that song. โค๏ธ
Gusta Melsen from Almelo wrote on 3. January 2017 at 17:03:
Dear Sean,

I hope 2017 will be a healthy year with lots of music.
Love and a big hug.
Gusta XXX
Albertina from Amsterdam wrote on 3. January 2017 at 12:56:
Dear Mr Logan (Sean....) we so so much enjoyed your fantastic perfromance on the MS Europa, very emotional and brought back a lot of memories from my youth...you truly have the voice of an angel and a great personality too!! Thank you so much for the joy you bring. Warm regards from the Dutchie.. we are in Kopenhagen febr 17 and 18th (dinner at Noma on the 18th..)!who knows we see eachother again haha!
James coughlan from Kilrush, Co.Clare , Ireland wrote on 2. January 2017 at 2:38:
Hi Johnny, Just watched Hold me now programme on RTE1 and what a show and insight to your life , You brought back so many childhood memories to me that I just wanted to leave a message here to Thank you , You know Johnny Ireland is very proud of you , througout my life living in other countrys we were always very proud of the fact of telling others about Irelands success in Eurovision because of you , I love music Johnny and you have been a great ambassador for our country, You were one of the very first Records that I bought along with Jim Diamond and U2 , I have never seen you live and probally never bought a record since but that's going to change , I'm going to see you in Vicar Street in Dublin and I'm going to buy your music and play it in my Barber Shop , you are a hard working musician and I hope that Vicar Street will lead to many more Irish gigs . THank you so much for all the music and being a great Ambassador for our country , I apoligise on behalf of a nation for not embracing you more often but times are changing , Remember Vinyl is outselling CD'S in many places now ...you can change Angie back to Adam because now times and attitudes are changing for the better . Ireland loves ya Johnny come back and give us a big hug ! See you down the road.

Jimi the Barber.
Kilrush Co.Clare
Petra from Berlin wrote on 30. December 2016 at 10:52:
My dear Sean, x-mas is gone I hope it was a great time for you,
today I`ll wish luck und health to you for the coming time.
god bless you.
XXX 1000 hugs Petra
Noreena from Galway wrote on 30. December 2016 at 1:33:
Merry Xmas from galway
Mieke Pozzolo from Zwevezele wrote on 24. December 2016 at 16:51:
Dear Sean, it has been a amazing year. I saw fantastic concerts and shows in Danmark, Germany and Belgium. I hope that there will follow more in the future. Ysterday you looked very smart in your suit. You deserve a break and enjoy your time with your family.Happy New Year2017! With love Mieke xxx
Susy from Meulebeke Belgie wrote on 24. December 2016 at 15:06:
Bij deze wensen wij julle een fijne Kerst en fijne eindejaarsfeesten .
Een heel verdiende dikke Proficiat & dankje wel voor de prachtige samenwerking met andrei Lugovski .
Iedere keer is het genieten van iedere seconde ..Adembenemend mooi.
Je blijft รฉรฉn van mijn grote idolen , een wereldman & sympatiek mens.
Een warm mens en TOP ARTIEST ...
Thanks for your music ..Graag tot volgend jaar !!
Bigg hugs xxxx
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