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Lars Lilholt has written a Danish Version of "Galway Girl" and I sang it with his Band Backstage for Facebook. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Hi Johnny das war super,viele liebe Grüße aus Germany

Lars Elling

Vi glæder os til vi skal høre dig den 8 juli i Egtved🎵🎵😉

I ❤ Lars Lilholt Band.

Elaine Heffernan Maura O'Connor

Den ønsker jeg mg Anders Christian Lassen og Anne Rikke Winther Lassen

Great 😉

Wonderful! 😍😍😍💋


Se her mor (Helle Jørgensen)

Big thx kiss from vienna 😘 i love this song ♡♡♡♡

Fed dag 💕 backstage

It sounded very good. Thanks

professionalism and play at its best 🙂

Jeanette Ehlers Maan-Jensen

Amalie Jørgensen jeg glæder miiig😍😍

Rikke - Lilholt og Logan🤓 Så bliver det da ikke større😁

Jens Madsen den er da meget god😘

Det kan man da kun blive glad i låget af 🎵🎶😊

Emil Malherbes Leth Jensen

Hans Christian Jensen. 😃😃😃

Christian Rygård Spohr


Fantastisk 🇩🇰👍

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Lars Lilholt has written a Danish Version of "Galway Girl" and I sang it with his Band -Backstage- for Facebook. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Merethe Cortes Campos

See you to Irish festival on Aeroe August 11th


We better learn you the danish version then 😂



Fabulous 😍 x

Fun and fabulous 😄❤️


👍 👏👏

Anette Sørensen er vi klar d. 21 juli

Pernille Binderup

Great! Made me smile during my studies for my exam 🙂 Saturday was fun - sending you hearts in the air and loving them hips moving 😉

Very nice. This shows love for music. But I already knew that. A big hug.

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌👍 brillant ❤️

Great ❤️❤️❤️

Terrific love it x

Charlotte Raun Adamczyk 🎶🎶

Love it xx

Wow det lyder godt!

That's one of my favourite songs 😍❤️

Er der nogen der ved hvor det er fra?????????

Great 💖💝

Johny Logan lovely singer


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Sorry everyone , I made a mistake in my previous notice, the cd is available on i-music dk not as I had written on i-tunes Denmark ,
My Bad !!!! 😎😎🤓
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3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook

I wondered why I couldn't find it!

Shit happens 🙂

It s okay ever one can make a mistake we are only human.

It's human to make mistakes!!! But your forgiven 😜😜😜😜

You're forgiven☺️

I already have the new CD... 😻😻😻😼

I wonder if I will see you again, I really hope so. 💜

Dear Johnny, is wrong human - no problem. Johnny, see you - here on the 8th of September 2017 Germany Food | For WDR. I am glad and hope that I meet you . I would be very happy if we could take a picture that I like you and your songs very much. Greetings Gabi

i houp you sun ply in anlæget in Holstebro agen we mis you 🙂

No problem. All's well.

You are forgiven😁

No problem,Johnny,hope you get back to Dublin again.

Itunes Norway?

I just bought it last night on Stena Saga. Thanks for an amazing show 💖

I wanna thank you for an absolutely fantastic show last night on StenaSaga. And if you want to, I streamed LIVE a few short clip from the concert. Just visit my profile and it's there. Blessed Be xoxo

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