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It Is What It Is – Single

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„Donald Trump Making Dublin Grey Again“

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3 weeks ago


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Johnny for President! 😁

Lol great pic Sean 😘 xx

Hate that man

You look great😘

Great pic, hope to see you soon 😍

😂 love it.. that's humour 😆 👍 see you suddenly xx

That 's a good one !!!😘❤

Trevor O Sullivan



Lol, thats a great pic Sean 😂😂


Yesss, Johnny for President is a good idea. Better as the current president!!!!

My daughter and I arrived from Dublin to DK yesterday. We had an amazing 4day trip. The people, pubs, natur, Music and History is unbelievable. Love Dublin❤️👍🏾


Johnny you legend!!


Great, Johnny !!! Cheers from Down Under, Stefan

I like your humor,very great pic Sean

Love and hugs from west Cork ireland 🇮🇪 sarah x


Good one Johnny 😂

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Well 2018 is here, it started for me with this awful flu over the New Year and I’m still trying to shake it off.
I’ve been sitting here feeling sorry for myself when I suddenly thought, No !!
I need to thank everybody for the kindness and understanding shown to me and my family over Xmas and into the New Year. I need everyone, to know how grateful I am for the support.
I believe the Xmas tour this year was the best we’ve ever done from the music and heart of the band to the audience and the reaction.
I really want to thank my band for their love, great talent , music and understanding , my son Jack my older brother Mick and Thomas Becker on sound who was always there when I needed him , Tanja for understanding and for keeping me together , Rigo, Trond Lie and all the agents that put the dates together as well as all the people in the concert halls we played in. You’re all legend in my book !
Looking back , I’m overwhelmed by the encouragement and friendship, support and good will. I really don’t have the words.

Most of all I want to thank you, the fans, the friends, who came to the gigs and helped create the atmosphere which allowed me and the guys to play every night with such joy.
I found it impossible to speak to anybody about my loss and I’m very grateful to you all for understanding this. Please know that I knew how much you felt for me and that I really appreciated this.
Losing my younger brother Eamonn is something I will never really get over but in the music and thanks to all of you I will remember him and his lovely gentle nature whenever I perform and hopefully it will make me a better person.
I felt I had to write these words , difficult as they are because you deserve to know how hard it’s been but also how much your support has helped .
I will continue to gig throughout 2018 and onwards and to try to make every show the best it can be and I also will be forever grateful for the love and music we continue to share.
To all those who have lost someone , I understand and will remember when I sing not just my loss but yours also.
So now we enter 2018 and I hope we all find it a year of promise and happiness and a time where our hopes and dreams are realized. Onwards and upwards . !!!
All my love, always
Johnny Logan
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1 month ago


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When are u back in Ireland.

Best wishes for you and your family


See you soon in Finland! 😍😍😍

I remember meeting you and your lovely wife in Obama Plaza Moneygall this year with my friend. I had lost my dad this year and you were so nice and caring to me. Thank you so much😆

Love Sean


Happy newyear, handsome😘 Looking forward to the gigs this year - for me the first one is in Portalen on March 2nd👍

best wishes for you and your family , looking forward to see you in my hometown Drammen 😘

Looking forward to a Dublin gig in 2018 Johnny x

Dear Sean I wish i could say or do something to take the pain away. But there is nothing anybody can say or do. Only time can heal the pain. All my love and understanding Chris

Big hug, love and understanding. Susanne

Merry Xmas. I found your performans very good. I listen every day to your cd "it's what it is" 😍😍😍


Wonderful words for great people. Thank you for making so many persons happy with your lovely music and giant sounds. Have a good and quick recovery. All our best wishes for you and your family send we to you from Vienna / Austria.


Stay strong Sean 💪😊


Hey Sean, thank you for these kind words, I 'm hoping to see you on many gigs this year . xxx😘❤

Thank you so much for the music+for doing the wonderful concerts during this difficult time. Your music certainly helps me through my diffucult times ❤ Sending love+hugs that you feel better soon+ time will help with your loss+your memories of your brother will last forever ❤ See you in March, love from your Loganette Dawn xxxxx

For you and your family Best wishes

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DDE, Johnny Logan og A Saucerful of Secrets

Johnny Logan is coming to Drammen, Norway in April 2018!
DDE, Johnny Logan og A Saucerful of Secrets

DDE, Johnny Logan og A Saucerful of SecretsApr 7, 7:00pmDrammenshallenDrammenshallen fyller 40 år og vi ønsker å feire denne dagen med konsert med DDE , Johnny Logan med band og A Saucerful of Secrets (norges beste Pink Floyd tribute band)
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2 months ago

Upcoming dates

Live Performance Johnny Logan & Band

2nd. of March 2018
Denmark | 2670 Greve | Portalen – Greve Teater & Musikhus | Tickets:

Live Performance

3rd. of March 2018
Germany | 76829 Landau | “Hans Rosenthal-Gala”

Live Performance

8th. of March 2018
Sweden | Boat – Cinderella

Live Performance

19th. of March 2018
Gran Canaria | 35130 Puerto Rico | Tickets:

Live Performance

20th. of March 2018
Gran Canaria | 35130 Puerto Rico | Tickets:

Live Performance

24th. of March 2018
Swiss | 5507 Mellingen | Mehrzweckhalle

Live Performance Johnny Logan & Band

25th. of March 2018
Swiss | 5507 Mellingen | Mehrzweckhalle

Live Performance Johnny Logan & Band

28th. of March 2018
Denmark | 9800 Hjørring | Vendelhohus | Tickets:

Live Performance Johnny Logan & Band

7th. of April 2018
Norway | 3044 Dramen | Drammenshallen

Live Performance Johnny Logan & Band

20th. of April 2018
Finland | Laukaa | Peurunka Arena |

Live Performance Johnny Logan & Band

21st. of April 2018
Finland | Tampere | Tampere Talo |

Live Performance Johnny Logan & Band

22nd. of April 2018
Finland | Vaasa | Ritz |
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