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House of Lucille
Single taken from he latest album “It Is What It Is”

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1 week ago

Mick & Myself are together in Machester 👍

1 week ago

Thank youuu

2 weeks ago
Photos from Johnny Logan's post

Been at the opening of the new Bentley Show room tonight . Here’s a few photos . The white car sold in less than 5 mins. The first Bavarian Bentley !!!
Beautiful cars old and new. 👍👍

2 weeks ago

Here’s a pic of me with Ralf Moeller ( Gladiator, the Scorpion king ) reallly really nice man and great fun. I’m 6‘2“ so you can imagine how tall he is. We shared a charity evening with the ... See more

2 weeks ago

Look who I met in Europa Park , here playing in a charity golf tournament for the Eagles and my friend Charlie said hello. 😁

3 weeks ago
Photos from Johnny Logan's post

At the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg/Germany for a concert with the police Orchester, tonight

3 weeks ago

Germany: TV present on Saturday

Grand-Prix-Star Johnny Logan singt bei „Goldene Sonne 2019” ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from Johnny Logan's post

Did a gig in Cairo-went to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Wonderful experience . 👍👍😁

1 month ago

To all German Fans (or anyone who is enyoing german TV)
Johnny Logan @ Schlager Spaß mit Andy Borg
Ausstrahlung: Ostermontag, 22.04.2019 SWR 20:15

2 months ago
Meine Schlagerwelt

And here is a update from the charity concert I did in Leipzig „Elternhilfe für krebskranke Kinder in Leipzig e.V.“

Johnny Logan hat ein exklusives Studiokonzert zugunsten der Elternhilfe für krebskranke Kinder Leipzig e.V. gegeben und es war großartig!! Für alle, die nicht dabei sein konnten, hatten wir ... See more

TV Presents

Goldene Sonne

27th. of April 2019
Germany | TV-Sonnenklar | 19:30

Upcoming dates

Live Performance Johnny Logan & friends

19th. of April 2019
Close to the public | Egypt | Cairo


27th. of April 2019
Germany | – Goldene Sonne 2019 –

Live Performance with the Hamburg Police Orchester

28th. of April 2019
Germany | Hamburg | Elbphilharmonie

To get on Board

2nd. of May 2019
Costa Cruises

Live Performanced

3rd. of May 2019
Costa Mediterranea |

Live Performance Johnny Logan & friends

18th. of May 2019
Germany | Heidelberg | Close to the Public