3 times Eurovision Winner:
1980 “What’s another Year” – Singer –
1987 “Hold Me Now” – Composer & Singer –
1992 “Why Me” – Composer –

Tickets out now

Time for SHOWTIME!

For the first time in a historic church, fans will experience a wonderful live spectacle.

OWLA BRUGGE presents a carefree dose of "feel good". A good portion of glitter and glamor awaits you this summer.

Johnny Logan is happy to be part of it.

We are mothers, we are daughters, we are fathers, we are sons,

We are invincible, when we are one.

Lyrics by Johnny Logan from “We are invincible”


Andrea Berg x Johnny Logan | Never walk alone

‘Never walk alone’ Andrea Berg & Johnny Logan

Hazes Is De Basis | You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

‘You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'’ Hazes Is De Basis

Hazes Is De Basis | Deep In My Heart

‘Deep In My Heart’ Hazes Is De Basis

The Masked Singer ‘Million Reasons’

Edelhert - ‘Million Reasons’ Aflevering 4 | The Masked Singer | VTM

The Masked Singer ‘Diamonds’

Edelhert - ‘Diamonds’ Aflevering 3 | The Masked Singer | VTM

The Masked Singer ‘Sorry’

Edelhert - ‘Sorry’ Aflevering 2 | The Masked Singer | VTM

„Never Walk Alone“ Duet with Andrea Berg

„Never Walk Alone“ is a duet I co wrote and recorded with the lovely Andrea Berg.
It’s celebrates her 30th. anniversary at the top of the German/Austria & Swiss music industry.
I love it, hope you do too.

„Some of my favourite songs“ out soon!

„Some of my favourite songs“ Vol.1 is a compilation of songs that I’ve recorded over the years. When I was asked to compile this CD I went back over my songs and chose these 15 tracks. It was a journey through the music I’ve recorded over the years which I enjoyed...

Christmas charity single: Driving Home for Christmas

 Johnny Logan, Irish Chamber Orchestra and Jimmy Smyth release a Christmas charity single Driving Home for Christmas, a reimagined cover of Chris Rea’s 1987 iconic song hit of the same name. This Charity single will help raise vital funds for Parkinson’s Association...



03jun10:1910:19STARnacht am Neudsiedler See | Austria, Germany | ORF 2 - MDR

09jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

10jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

11jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

15jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

16jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

23jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

24jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

25jun10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

29jun10:0510:05Denmark | Skagen | Johnny Logan & Band


01jul10:1910:19Luxembourg | Mamer | Cruise | Johnny Logan & Luxembourg Army Orchester

08jul10:0610:06Swiss | Wildhaus | Johnny Logan performance

14jul10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

15jul10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

16jul10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

21jul10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

22jul10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

23jul10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

25jul10:1910:19Finland | Åland | Mariehamn | Johnny Logan Live Performance

28jul10:1910:19Belgium | Koksijde | Johnny Logan Live Performance

29jul10:1910:19Belgium | Koksijde | Johnny Logan Live Performance


03aug10:0710:07Denmark | Ringsted | Johnny Logan & Band

04aug10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

05aug10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

06aug10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

12aug10:1910:19Germany | Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr | Johnny Logan & Band

18aug10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

19aug10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

20aug10:1910:19Belgium | Brugge | Johnny Logan Performance

26aug10:1910:19Belgium | Lievegem | Johnny Logan Live Performance 


It Is What It Is

Album (CD) released 2017

Tracklisting: It Is What It Is, Addiction, Forever And A Day, When The Band Begin To Play, Let The River Flow, Full Moon Over Berlin, House Of Lucille, Ordinary Man, Just For You, The Letter, Release The Rhythm, Irishman In America


The Irish Soul Tour | Germany | 2022

The Irish Soul Tour Germany 2022

The Masked Singer | Belgium | 2022

The Masked Singer TV Show, Belgium, 2022

Karat live at MS VASCO DA GAMA, Special Guest: Johnny Logan

Karat live, Special Guest: Johnny Logan at MS VASCO DA GAMA, 2021Photos by Carolin Wundke (Polster & Pohl)

Johnny Logan live at MS VASCO DA GAMA

Johnny Logan live at MS VASCO DA GAMA, 2021Photos by Carolin Wundke (Polster & Pohl)

Johnny Logan live in Hamar, Norway

Johnny Logan live in Hamar Norway, 2019Photos by Kim Rognmo