3 times Eurovision Winner:

1980 “What’s another Year” – Singer –
1987 “Hold Me Now” – Composer & Singer –
1992 “Why Me” – Composer –


“Hi everybody, here is the official notification from Portalen Denmark. Once again I’m really…

Born 1954 in Melbourne, Australia, Johnny Logan moved to Ireland with his family aged three. Barely twelve years old, Sean Patrick Michael Sherrard Johnny Logans birth name – accompanied his father, the famous tenor Patrick O’Hagan, on tours in Australia and New Zealand. There he and his father found themselves killing time by singing together in the dressing rooms of the great concert halls.

This period had a tremendous influence on Johnny Logan, encouraging him to become a musician as well. By the time he was thirteen he had learned to play the guitar and had started writing songs.

The rest is music history.

We are mothers, we are daughters, we are fathers, we are sons,

We are invincible, when we are one.

Lyrics by Johnny Logan from “We are invincible”


We are invincible

We are invincible by Johnny Logan

A little hello by Johnny Logan

A little "Hello" by Johnny Logan

‘What’s Another Year’ | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One

'What's Another Year' The Late Late Show | RTÉ One

Melodifestivalen 2019

Melodifestivalen 2019 with Johnny LoganA little "Hello" by Johnny Logan

You Raise Me Up – live at Portalen, Denmark 2017

You Raise Me Up live at Portalen, Denmark 2017

Hold me now – live at Portalen, Denmark 2017

Hold me now live at Portalen, Denmark 2017

Happy Xmas everybody!

Happy Xmas everybody and hopefully see you in a great 2021. Until then you can join „The Invincible Online Concert“ till Jan. 3rd. Buy your ticket at Johnnylogan.veeps.com 💚🎤💚 Love Sean      

Use the last chance to book the online concert!

Use the last chance to book the online concert! Due to the great demand we are now giving you the chance to book my online concert again. Johnny Logan Online Concert „The Invincible - Live Online Concert“ - for you at home. The tickets can only be booked until January...

New Release: “We are Invincible”

The new release is in a partnership with the organization LichtBlick which cares for the elderly - who live in poverty - . I wrote the song to be a reminder to everybody that age comes to us all. I believe my parents and yours were and are beautiful and to say that...



03apr13:0113:01PostponedDenmark | Farso | Johnny Logan Live performance

04apr0:000:00PostponedAustria | Hartberg | Johnny Logan Live Performance

17apr0:000:00PostponedDenmark | Portalen | Johnny Logan & Band

29apr13:1813:18PostponedSwiss | Ermatingen | Johnny Logan & Dani Felber Big Band

30apr11:5511:55Germany | Riverboat | MDR | 22:00


07may0:000:00PostponedGermany | Düsseldorf | Johnny Logan & Band

12may0:000:00PostponedBelgium | Maldegem | Johnny Logan Live Performance

13may0:000:00PostponedBelgium | Maldegem | Johnny Logan Live Performance

22may11:5511:55Denmark  | Campghygge | DK4 | 21:10


04jun0:000:00PostponedIreland | Dublin | Johnny Logan & Band

05jun0:000:00PostponedIreland | Dublin | Johnny Logan & Band

12jun0:000:00Denmark | Brøndby | Johnny Logan & Band

19jun0:000:00Germany | Mittweida | Johnny Logan & Vogtland Philharmonie


It Is What It Is

Album (CD) released 2017

Tracklisting: It Is What It Is, Addiction, Forever And A Day, When The Band Begin To Play, Let The River Flow, Full Moon Over Berlin, House Of Lucille, Ordinary Man, Just For You, The Letter, Release The Rhythm, Irishman In America


Johnny Logan live in Hamar, Norway

Johnny Logan live in Hamar Norway, 2019Photos by Kim Rognmo

Johnny Logan in Mariehaven

Johnny Logan in Mariehaven 9th of July 2017Photo by Krestine

Album shot “It Is What It Is”

"It Is What It Is" Album shotPhotos by Manfred Baumann

SoNä | 5th of July | Baden-Baden | Germany

Johnny Logan at SoNä 5th of July, Baden-Baden, Germany

St. Patricks Day in Munich 2011

St. Patricks Day Munich, 2011