Hi everybody , what can I say. Every time you think it’s improving, along comes another spike. I’m starting to think I should change my name to “Rescheduled” !!!
It’s so unbelievable that almost 7 months later we are still trying to find a way to live with this pandemic. I know everybody is doing their best and that we have to be grateful that those loved ones around us are still safe but I also know that it’s terribly hard to stay positive.
With that in mind and because I’ve had so many requests on social media I’m gonna look into doing an online concert with the band .
I’ve spoken to Boe, my producer
and to Henrik and the guys in the band and they all think it’s a great idea. Boe has been doing concerts from his studio and says it’s something that’s working better and better. I know it’s not the same as coming to a concert but it might be something that you all are interested in.
Please let me know your thoughts before I move forward with this. I will then look more into it and if it’s something everybody wants I will get it sorted and explain how it will work . I really look forward to being back on the road again and hopefully when this is finally over giving each and everyone of you a big hug. I miss you all . Stay safe and look after each other .
Love always