We are invincible


Release: 30th of October 2020

Johnny Logan: The new release is in a partnership with the organization LichtBlick which cares for the elderly – who live in poverty – .
I wrote the song to be a reminder to everybody that age comes to us all.

I believe my parents and yours were and are beautiful and to say that they were also somebody’s children and family members. We should not just look at them and see old people.

I hope it’s a powerful reminder of how strong and proud people remain in the Autumn of their lives.
I also hope you all enjoy the song, produced by Boe Larsen and recorded with love by myself and all the musicians, singers involved.

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Leave a candle in the window,
Shine a light into the dark
Something wonderful the world can clearly see
Let this song into your Heart

There’s a voice beneath the silence,
A cry for help, to understand,
Reaching out to every woman, every man.
It’s time to lend a helping hand.

We are beautiful, we are proud
We have courage, and we are loud
(We have the courage to shout out loud)
We are mothers, we are daughters, we are fathers, we are sons,
We are invincible, when we are one.
(last line twice)

There are stars up in the Heavens,
Shining brightly in the sky
There are angels who remind us every day
They share that love with you and I

Middle 8.
Let’s help the world to understand,
The power of love thats in its hands.